Electric fan core mount installation

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Most of our economy series of fans will come with core mount kits.  Our high performance (MAX) and slim fans will not and require the feet and mounting kits to be purchased a la carte.

Below is a summary of a general installation of a fan to the core of a radiator.

Core mounted electric fan will require
4 x zip tie plastic rods
4 x rubber pads
4 x lock tab clips

First we will attach mounting tabs to the fan housing.  These tabs or "feet" as we call them online will slide into grooves and lock into place.  They are very useful to provide a stable and distanced mounting point for the fan.

Next, we'll want to slide the nylon tie through the fan mounting hole and into the radiator in hole with the foam mounting pad placed in between.  Insert the tie through the lock tab clip on the other side until it's snug against the radiator.