Product Release - 62-63 Buick Skylark/Special All Aluminum Radiator, Ford 28-29 Flathead V8 Conversion Radiator

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**Attention All Radiator Express Dealers**
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SKU: 224724
SKU: 226398
SKU: 226399

1962 - 1963 Buick Skylark/Special

Part # 226398 is for the 1962 - 1963 Buick Skylark and Buick Special. This radiator will fit the stock saddles, however, they will need to be trimmed down a little bit because the original radiator was only a two-row.  

An (two-row) version is in the works for customers who can't fit this three-row radiator in place.  SKU 226399

1928 - 1929 Ford w/Ford V8 Flathead

Part # 224724 is specifically for Ford V8 Flathead motors. Please note the two upper hoses are for a 1.25" hose size.

Ford Flathead V8 motors came with two upper hose sizes. The 1932 - 1948 Flatheads have 1.75" upper hose, and the 1949 - 1953 Flatheads have 1.25" upper hose.

The 1949 - 1953 Ford V8 Flatheads are more popular because of reliability and larger displacement engines, so we made them 1.25". Since this is an engine swap radiator most of those performing the swap should be able to re-size the hoses if needed.