Technical Service Bulletin: RG8611 : 2007 & NEWER FREIGHTLINER CASCADIA

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Service Bulletin

Attention Valued Customer:

It has come to our attention that there is an installer issue when replacing our later model Freightliner Cascadia and Coronado radiators.

On occasion, the installer is using the incorrect bolt lengths and not always reusing the washers and spacers required for mounting the CAC, rock guard, and surge tank.It is imperative the correct length bolts be used when mounting the charge air cooler, rock guard (if equipped) and surge tank.

In most cases, the CAC has three mounting bolts the same length and  one longer bolt B with  rubber spacers (see the picture included). The Surge Tank has one bolt that mounts through the radiator frame a nd has a spacer that  needs to be used. Failure to carefully install the bolts/washers/spacers properly, can cause the  bolt to go through  the frame and damage the side plate on the radiator. This  places stress on the adjacent tube and will result in the tube failing.  Please see pictures
below.  This is an installer issue, not a manufacturing defect, thus not covered by warranty

Part Number: RG8611