No Manul to a GM Conversion

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If you don't already know, we build conversion radiators for engine swaps and sell them on our sister website We do our best to build our radiators to accomondate most end users that are performing engine swaps... But for the GM conversion we ask that our customers realize there is NO MANUAL! GM is not consistent with their connection setups. You may have a hose going to an expansion valve, heater hose.. or even a low coolant indicator. Buying a conversion radiator on the internet for lets say your Jeep Wrangler with a 1994 Buick Roadmaster engine swap... can leave you with a replacement unit w/ incorrect hose connections and dangling hoses... This can be avoided if you do the research on your end prior to ordering a conversion product and making sure to tell our staff exactly what is on your existing setup and what you need. We are the leader in conversion radiator builds.. we can build you a radiator with any specifications...Most people don't realize that our products are all built in house. You may see other sites selling our basic models, but we ask that you remember to check your vehicle prior to ordering and most importantly ASK if we can do it... chances are we can and we WILL ! Oh and of course.. order the products through our race way parts website or by calling the Radiator Express Network toll free 866-723-3977 Thanks JR Jeep Conversion Technician Radiator Express Network ®