What is all this I keep hearing about 'bait' pricing?

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Many competing web sites list their stock and performance replacements at absurdly low prices ie. $69 for a brand new all-metal radiator - too good to be true!! Our customers call us daily with requests to match such prices. Unfortunately, they are completely bogus. No legitimate company sells brand new, warranted parts for less than the cost of the materials to make them. As with all transactions completed online, it is important to make sure the site you are dealing with is reputable!
'Bait' pricing is a tactic commonly used by foreign manufacturers with low advertising budgets to get your 'clicks' and convince you to invest your time into their web site until you've either bought the part without noticing hidden fees, or you've gone too far and spent too much time to reverse your decision to buy. They 'bait' you into filling out billing and shipping information slowly across several inconvenient checkout screens along with surveys, forms and checkbooks galore until you finally reach your 'subtotal' screen.
For example, by the time you reach your billing information screen, 'bait' pricing sites may have quietly added any combination of seemingly random fees to your total: a $25 'five to seven day' delivery fee, a $20 'online ordering fee,' $15 for 'taxes,' and $5 for 'handling'. Before you know it, you've exceeded our lowest priced part by quite a bit! Our competition simply hopes you don't notice! Or, they hope that you just roll your eyes and continue to check out, since you have made it to the last step and have already spent all morning filling out their order information without reading the fine print. You've been had!
Were you looking for next-day delivery? We offer FAST one business day delivery in almost every state for stock replacements! * Our competitors that use 'bait' pricing charge up to $55 for 1-2 day delivery on basic stock replacements.
Our OEM-quality replacement pricing is simple and straightforward - barring any availability issues, you pay our online price plus a flat rate for freight, tax and handling combined. You know what you're paying with Radiator Express ®.