What if my original radiator cap doesn't work?

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Stock plastic aluminum models of radiators normally will use the same cap style as the dealer original. Sometimes with certain foreign applications, the aftermarket radiator may use a different cap than stock. If you receive a part, and the cap does not fit, you can either visit your local parts store with the radiator. You can measure the radiator cap connection diameter and fit a cap based on their size. You can also contact us via a support ticket and we will respond with a cap number that will be stocked at your local parts store. Most of the parts we sell that may require a different cap will come with this information on the e-mailed invoice.

"Radiator Expert Tip" - Don't panic if the cap doesn't fit. The local parts store will have a cap that works for your radiator. If we have the part on file, rest assured we will provide that to you at point of sale."