My Radiator Cracked on my Mitsubishi, What can I do?

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you would want to put the same vehicle radiator back in. 03 Mitsubishi eclipse. They may have used the same radiator in some of the dodges and that is why someone mentioned that. For a stock replacement visit
Radiator cracks are a common occurrence and many things cause them - overheating, stress, vibration, pressure. None of which have anything to do with the actual "radiator" unit. If you have a reoccurring problem with cracks - then have your vehicle diagnosed for other issues. Normal procedure is to replace the radiator and keep eye on any signs of overheating in the future. In the event the vehicle runs too hot, pull over and let it cool down to prevent failures such as cracks.
The radiator is normally the first unit to fail in a faulty/malfunctioning cooling system. They even sometimes crack due to extremely cold weather..

If you want to avoid this type of situation - then you can look at the all aluminum racing radiators we have listed on They will be sturdier and provide better cooling capacity than the stock unit. However, they are often custom fit items and may require minor adjustment on the customer's end. We many manufacture red by CSF imports and Mishimoto.

We hope this information was helpful and wish you luck with your purchasing decision.