Where are your parts manufactured, I don't want a cheap foreign replacement?

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Our OE (original equipment) quality replacement parts come from all over the world. Wait! Don't close that browser window just yet. This is the case with virtually everything you already own, including the clothing you have on right now and the computer on which you are reading this information. We do not guarantee any specific countries of origin, but we warranty all of our stock replacements the same, no matter where they come from. We only manufacturer items in our owned facilities overseas and only do business with manufacturer's that can assure quality control in their manufacturing warehouses. Most items on our site will indicate built to OEM specifications, that means tested to the dealer standard. In many cases we sell our parts to the dealership when they run out of their products which are also made overseas. If someone claims to sell you a part "Made in America", they are most likely referring to Central America or South America. What we deliver is an honest service, no strings, no faking. Its our business to ensure you purchase the correct radiator, the first time, and that it lasts... Trust us, we don't like doing warranty claims!!