The Radiator you shipped has extra lines that I don't need, why?

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Don't panic!! The extra nipples (TOC, the transmission cooler, or EOC, engine oil cooler) do not need to be capped off and you have in fact received the correct part. It's a closed system - a single bar travels from one connection to the other for each system without interacting with the tube-and-fin area of the radiator. I know, I know… you are imagining the waterfall of coolant all over the place that looks like it will inevitably result from filling the radiator, and you don't believe me. Just cover one of the connections and blow air through the other.. You'll see its just a little pipe. The transmission or engine coolant is cooled through the metal of this pipe - it never interacts with the radiator. For this reason, manufacturer's make the automatic version of a radiator and no manual versions... keeps us from making any mistakes!