Pontiac Bonneville Radiator Installation

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Here is a cool post from one of our customers from pontiacbonnevilleclub.com

Arrived home to find a box on my doorstep from RadiatorExpress.com

Says to self: "Self, I still have about two hours of daylight left, I can change this right now..."

So, at 5:45pm I run the car up on the ramps and pop the box on the new radiator

Ok, pop the hood and speed-cool the radiator with a garden hose (don't feel like scalding myself tonight)

Grab an 8mm wrench and drop the battery cable, take a 10mm socket and remove the six bolts holding the radiator cover on and the fan. Pop the radiator cap, stick a bucket under the petcock and drain the old radiator out

6:20pm, take 1/2" flare nut wrench and undo the tranny cooler fittings. Channel lock pliers handle the hose clamps, ready to pull the radiator out.

6:45, old radiator is out, new radiator in place, fittings back on. 1 gallon of Distilled Water, and 3/4 gallon of glycol in. Reconnect the battery and crank the motor up and let it warm back up. No leaks, everything works. Hood closed and back off the ramps. Done! One hour radiator change.

Take this nasty P.O.S out to the curb for trash pickup tomorrow, take shower, grab a cup of coffee and regail y'all with this little tale

- Thanks "Trixie" for the great radiator story.
Your Radiator Experts, RadiatorExpress.com
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