2006 Ford Explorer Radiator Leak:

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If you own a 2006 Ford Explorer or Mercury Mountaineer than you are most likely aware that your radiator will fail will if it has not already done so. While we have not been able to get proper information from ford on the reason for failure, some reports say the radiators are just defective while others have reported that a bracket mount may have caused vibrations that crack or tear the bottom of the radiator.

If you we're looking for a replacement radiator last month, then you may have experienced 1-3 week lead times on replacements. From the looks of it, all the vehicles encountered this failure around the same time period. As for us, we ran out of stock nationwide in 1 week. Within 3 weeks, we couldn't even locate one for a customer.

We've since been able to restock our shelves, and have the 06 Ford explorer radiator listed on http://www.radiatorexpress.com/ for sale for $195. While we still do offer a lifetime warranty, an exclusion has been noted on the part pending investigation of the actual "Cause" of this failure.

If you'd like to share your thoughts or even just vent, we would be happy to have you let us know more information on this situation.

If anyone has read this blog and will need a replacement radiator, you have just earned yourself a $15 discount off your Ford or Mercury replacement radiator. Use coupon code: ford6 when ordering online to obtain this discount. (Valid until 5/1/2010)

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