1937 Chevrolet Master (Car) Radiator Now in Stock V8 engine only

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Part number 227786 is in stock and ready to sell. It is currently only available in a Chevrolet V8 application, so this will not work with the inline 6 cylinder.

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This is the long awaited Lincoln Continental radiator for 1961 - 1965 cars only. 

Please note: the radiator for the 1961 Continental has the Transmission Cooler on the Passenger Side (Hot Side) of the radiator; this was a bad decision by Lincoln. In 1962 they put the cooler on the Driver Side (Cold Side) of the radiator to help cool the transmission better. Customers with a 1961 Model will need to re-route their Transmission Cooler lines to the Driver Side of the car.




SKU 227775

SKU: 227775 fits various Chevrolet Truck models for 1937 - 1938 with the 3.5L (217ci) inline 6 cylinder engine only, as noted in the graphic above. This will not work with V8 engines without extreme hose modifications.

Core Dimensions: 22 1/2" x 18"
Overall Dimensions h x w:28 1/8" x 22 1/2" -measurement includes cap and brackets
Core Thickness: 2 1/4
Tank Width: 2 1/2
Rows: 3
Tank Construction: Aluminum
Core Construction: Aluminum
Hose Location:
Inlet Diameter: 1 1 /4
Outlet Diameter: 1 1/2
Mount Specs: 19 7/8", 21 5/8", 21"

Application Engines
1937 - 1938 Chevrolet Master Truck 3.5L 217ci L6
1937 Chevrolet GD 3.5L 217ci L6
1937 Chevrolet GE 3.5L 217ci L6
1937 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Truck 3.5L 217ci L6
1937 Chevrolet Truck 3.5L 217ci L6
1938 Chevrolet HC 3.5L 217ci L6
1938 Chevrolet HD 3.5L 217ci L6
1938 Chevrolet HE 3.5L 217ci L6

Product Announcement - 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma All Aluminum Performance Radiator

now available on Radiator express.com

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2005 through 2015 All Aluminum Toyota Tacoma Radiator

100% welded aluminum
Increased performance over OEM plastic design
Polished tanks
Reinforced seams


Product Release - 62-63 Buick Skylark/Special All Aluminum Radiator, Ford 28-29 Flathead V8 Conversion Radiator

**Attention All Radiator Express Dealers**
New Part Numbers in Stock and Ready to Ship
SKU: 224724
SKU: 226398
SKU: 226399

1962 - 1963 Buick Skylark/Special

Part # 226398 is for the 1962 - 1963 Buick Skylark and Buick Special. This radiator will fit the stock saddles, however, they will need to be trimmed down a little bit because the original radiator was only a two-row.  

An (two-row) version is in the works for customers who can't fit this three-row radiator in place.  SKU 226399

1928 - 1929 Ford w/Ford V8 Flathead

Part # 224724 is specifically for Ford V8 Flathead motors. Please note the two upper hoses are for a 1.25" hose size.

Ford Flathead V8 motors came with two upper hose sizes. The 1932 - 1948 Flatheads have 1.75" upper hose, and the 1949 - 1953 Flatheads have 1.25" upper hose.

The 1949 - 1953 Ford V8 Flatheads are more popular because of reliability and larger displacement engines, so we made them 1.25". Since this is an engine swap radiator most of those performing the swap should be able to re-size the hoses if needed.

New Product Release: Brushless Electric Fan, Shroud Combo for 2003-2008 Dodge Ram Diesel Pickups


Finally a dual fan shroud combo kit for the 2003-2008 Dodge Ram Diesel pickups that will keep you cool.  This new product features dual 16 inch fans, wiring and mounting accessories and will mount to a stock radiator. 

Designed for performance diesel applicationsm, this setup will produce a total CFM of 3836

Wiring and mounting hardware included

# of Fans: 2
A 5/8
B 5/8
C 1/2
D 29 1/8
E 26 5/8
F 4 1/4
Fan Size: 16 Inch
Total Amp Draw: 44
Total CFM: 3836

Add some Chrome to your Classic Car's Air Conditioning

If you are looking to add air conditioning to a classic car or universal application, look no further as we have a complete line of USA made by size  parallel flow condensers and of course the bling to go with them

Universal AC Condenser

So where do we begin (First, if you rather call our team, please do so! 866-723-3977)

1.) Step 1, measure your old condenser or the space that you'd like to install AC.  We'll need overall length and height of the area and whether your AC lines will come out on the same side or opposite sides.
2.) Step 2, match your size and connection layout to the nearest size from our list of universal AC condensers.  CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEM NOW
3.) Step 3, order our high PSI braided hose connections in the length you need as well as whatever type of fittings you would require.

Below are some illustrations of the parts you may require for your setup:

Our 16 x 28 overall size AC condenser with connections on the same side.  Item features #6 and #8 AN fittings.

NOTE: See how this item has a small channel of bracketing on each side.  You or your mechanic will use this area to mount the unit.

Above is a 6 foot -6AN steel braided line.  One of 2 that you would purchase with the above condenser.  (1 -6AN and 1 -8AN)

Above is a straight AC fitting made from nickle plated steel.  These come in -06 -08 and -10 AN sizes for your various needs in straight, angled and with chargeports

For other vintage air conditioning parts and accessories please contact Radiator Express.  866 723 3977 x 1